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Success Stories

  • "ln 1969 I was injured in a car wreck which left me with restricted mobility, even after surgery. In 1981, a chiropractor helped me & actually ended up giving me back part of my life. Since then, as the years passed, the aging process gradually created more problems... read more
    It seemed that I had begun to always be in pain, both day and night. I was unable to focus at work, or enjoy my family & friends. I was even having suicidal thoughts. My primary doctor was a D.O. who prescribed a lot of medication and physical therapy. My body, however, was rejecting the treatments. I got a walking cane for Christmas and we even bought one of those therapeutic beds. Some of our friends suggested I see Dr. Schmid. I have never had a more thorough examination than the one I got from Dr. Schmid. Since the beginning of his treatment, I have regained more mobility and flexibility. In a smooth, coordinated fashion, everything in my body started working together again the way it is supposed to, all in unison. Now, I can sit and work at my computer for hours without back pain. I don't want to make Dr. Schmid & his staff blush, but they ALL make us feel welcome in the office. Coming from France, where chiropractic was not recognized for many years, I can testify that it is one of the safest ways to regain or keep your health. Who helped me? Dr. Schmid did!"
— Jenny R.
  • "I injured my back almost 20 years ago while in the military, since then I have suffered with serve back spasms numerous times each year. The pain, stiffness and severity of the attacks have been increasing and my recovery time from the episodes has been lengthening. A serious flare up left me basically bedridden for at least I to 2 days. The last couple of times it was closer to a week. I also began missing work due to the pain and immobility... read more
    I saw my physician after the initial injury and for the first few flare-ups, but all he offered was pain medication which, although it lessened the pain, it left me dizzy and foggy: feelings I would rather do without. Eventually, I decided I would rather suffer with the pain than have the side effects of the medication. Dr. Schmid was recommended by several friends and acquaintances. I am now pain free and my range of motion is better than it has been in two years or more. It seems to be improving on an almost daily basis. The "pennanent" stiffness is beginning to recede and my back feels better now than any time in recent memory. Dr. Schmid and his staff are friendly, courteous and professional and that is only the tip of the iceberg because when I walk in the office, I truly feel like family. Before I tried chiropractic, I was intensely skeptical, in fact, I often referred to chiropractors as quacks (sorry Dr. Schmid). l became a true believer after one visit. The difference in my pain level and mobility was simply astounding after one short examination and a few adjustments. l remember getting off that table, standing up straight (something I couldn't do just moments before), being relatively pain free (whereas before I was in excruciating agony), and being able to lift both feet off the floor, knee high. Earlier, walking was difficult, lop-sided and a limp-a-long affair. The look on my face told the story because the chiropractor said "you must feel better" and indeed I did. That was years ago and those visits were few and limited to treating the flare ups. Dr. Schmid has taken it to a whole new level and is correcting years of wear and tear on my spine. Thanks to Dr. Schmid, my back feels better, I sleep better and I can actually bend over now! If you have back pain, do yourself a favor and see Dr. Schmid! Who helped me? Dr. Schmid did!"
— Danny D.
  • "A serious fall at the bowling alley, set in motion, a serious chain of back and neck pain. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and pain into daily depression and a diet of over-the-counter pain relievers. Simple pleasures such as shopping and gardening were no longer pleasurable... read more
    Sitting at my PC at work had become a nightmare of unrelenting torture. I had lost feeling in my left arm. At first, it was just pins and needles in my lower arm, then it was my whole arm, and then my arm was dead. The agony had progressed to the point I couldn't even sleep. I was at a crossroads and all avenues looked so bleak. Door#1 - Back Surgery: I had heard that once you have a back surgery, you are in for a lifetime of more back operations. Door #2 - See a chiropractor: I had heard (and this is taboo) that they aren't doctors and that they will mess your back up even more. Door #3 - Death: just end all the the pain now. It was the week before my 46th birthday, and I had passed the huge sign that hangs over Dr. Schmids office hundreds of times. I chose Door #2, it was worth a shot. It may have been taboo, but I was desperate, after all! I set the appointment and went to see Dr. Schmid. On arrival, I was trembling in fear and pain and this kind man, sat and spoke to me about my condition. He was forthright and honest. He told me that my back didn't get this way overnight, and it wasn't going to get better overnight. It was going to take daily visits to his office, and daily physical therapy. I received my first adjustment that very same day. Dr. Schmid advised me to go home and lie down on an ice pack. I did just as he said, and fell asleep. When I awoke 3 hours later, I had feeling in my arm again, and no pins and needles! IT WAS A MIRACLE! I HAD BEEN TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL! I couldn't wait for my appointment the next day. I was so excited. It's been a month now. I no longer suffer from daily back pain. I am in such a good mood to go to work. I am enjoying my shopping again and I can't wait for spring to dive back into flower beds! The day I walked into Dr. Schmids office my life changed! I thank God daily for Door #2 and bringing me to Dr. Schmid."
— Renne H.
  • "I was dropped in a cheerleading stunt in High School. Three children later, I decided to get help for my chronic lower back pain. Some days it was so severe that I had to have my husband help me out of the truck because my leg would just go numb and collapse. It was hard to play with my kids or exercise regularly. I'm a nurse, so long hours were unbearable. I love Dr. Schmids plan of care designed to KEEP me pain free! And his adjustments feel great! Dr. Schmids takes the time to explain things to me and is interested in my all around well being. Now, I can play with my children and hold & love them without pain. I can do my work as a nurse without having pain cloud my thoughts. The staff is always smiling and always recognizes me and remembers me personally. I think Dr.Schmids practice is one in a million! Who helped me? Dr. Schmid did!"

    — Jennifer E.

"I had back pain stemming from playing football, carrying heavy backpacks in the Marine Corps and long hours of wearing weighted gear associated with my job. The pain disabled me from doing activities with my children, and from doing long hours of work required by my job. I took over the counter pain relievers, but they only gave me short term relief. Since beginning chiropractic care with Dr. Schmid, I not only feel relief of the pain, but I also have more flexibility and an over all better sense of well being and health. A professional and friendly environment offered by Dr. Schmid and his staff provides a comfortable and great experience for their patients. Proper and routine treatments, as advised by Dr. Schmid, enable you to have a healthier well being and better lifestyle. Who helped me? Dr. Schmid did!"

— William A.
  • "My back, neck and shoulder pain was excruciating and I was miserable. My daughter-in-law kept telling me that I needed to make an appointment with a chiropractor. It was with much reluctance that I made up my mind to pick up the phone and dial Dr. Schmid's phone number. I carried it around for week... read more
    I was in so much pain I could barely drive my car. I was wearing a back brace, sitting and sleeping on an ice pack and eating Tylenol like they were candy! Finally, I made the call, and am I glad that I did. He is very professional and he genuinely cares about his patients. I started on his recommended treatment. After only one week, what a difference, my pain was almost gone. This has been the best investment I have ever made. My pain is now gone and I can now do things I had not been able to do in years. I am truly one of the happiest and most satisfied patients that Dr. Schmid has. What a difference Dr. Schmid has made in my life. He takes time to explain everything and makes many suggestions that are so beneficial. Dr. Schmid also recommended that I change the pillow that I was sleeping on and it has also made such a difference in my sleep pattern, it is great! I would recommend to everyone to visit Dr. Schmid's office if they want their life back and be free of pain. Dr. Schmid has done more for me than my rheumatologist has. Thank you, Dr. Schmid! Who helped me? Dr. Schmid did!"
— Pat

"My daughter & I were in a car accident. As a result, I suffered from back pain and she suffered from migraine headaches. My daughter no longer cries for hours with her head hurting and I no longer suffer with back pain, fatigue or irritability. Dr. Schmid is very professional and informative. His staff is great too! Chiropractic adjustments make me feel refreshed. It's like I have been carrying l,000 pounds on my shoulders and the weight is suddenly lifted when I get adjusted. Dr. Schmid is very friendly and truly cares about the health of his patients. I tell everyone I know. Who helped me? Dr. Schmid did!"

— Fallon

I was hurting so bad that I couldn't even walk for long periods of time. The pain was all over, upper and lower back, down my arms and legs, and up into my neck. I just got to where I didn't want to do anything at all. I had gone to see my M.D. several times for the pain, and they would give me shots which only helped for a few days and then the pain was back. I heard about Dr. Schmid from my daughter who is a patient of his. Since I have been getting adjusted, I no longer have as much pain as I did before. Dr. Schmid really knows what he is doing. Chiropractic really works and he is a very good person. All I have to say is Dr. Schmid's care really worked for me. I have improved so much since I have been going to him. I think anyone that undergoes chiropractic care will see a difference in their life as well. It's worth it! Who helped me? Dr. Schmid did!

— Reba
  • "I have experienced chronic neck and low back pain for over 20 years probably due to the type of work I was involved in. I have had 2 "slipped" discs and numerous other pulls and strains and at times have been incapacitated by these conditions... read more
    I also have experienced loss of range of motion and weakness at times. I have tried both over-the-counter and prescription drugs, been to medical doctors, neurosurgeons and chiropractors. I have had x-rays, MRI's and adjustments; even massage therapy and hydro-therapy along with exercise and physical therapy. Thus far, chiropractic has been the most effective treatment I have received. Dr. Schmid and his staff have given the most thorough and comprehensive treatment that I have received in the past 20+ years that I have had this condition. Since seeing Dr. Schmid, my overall condition has improved, along with my range of motion. Even my diabetes has shown signs of improvement. Dr. Schmid's thoroughness along with his care and concern for the well-being of his patients make the entire chiropractic experience something to look forward to. This is evidenced by the number of positive comments I hear from other people that are currently under his care. Who helped me? Dr. Schmid did!"
— Larry