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Sciatica causes pain in the lower back, which radiates down the back of your leg and into the foot. If left unchecked, sciatic pain progresses and may cause nerve damage or permanent injury. As an experienced chiropractor in Princeton, Dr. Schmid leads the way in all-natural, drug-free pain relief treatments to treat your sciatica.

Sciatica Pain Treatment McKinney, TX

Sciatica Pain Treatment

Sciatica can be caused by compression of the sciatic nerve, the longest and widest nerve in your body. The sciatic nerve starts in the spine and then extends to your buttocks, down the leg, and into the ankle and foot.

This condition makes sitting and standing for long periods difficult, and sciatica causes leg pain, hip pain, weakness, tingling, and numbness in the leg and foot.

Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

Chiropractic Care

Our highly trained chiropractor works with you to determine the most suitable approach for your sciatica pain treatment. We use manual adjustments that allow your body to recover its natural alignment. Spine and disc misalignment can cause pinched nerves or sciatica, and an adjustment quickly and painlessly resets your body systems for pain relief.

Other nonsurgical procedures like physical rehabilitation also provide sciatica pain relief. Our minimally invasive treatments not only relieve pain but also tackle the issues that are compressing your nerve.

Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief Allen TX

Sciatica Symptoms

Sciatica symptoms include:

  • Numbness and pain in the lower back, hip, and leg
  • Severe low back pain
  • Pain or numbness on only one side of the body
  • Loss of sensation in the inner thighs, genital area, buttocks, and backs of the thighs
  • Lack of bladder or bowel control
  • Difficulty walking

If you are looking for effective and long lasting relief for sciatica in Princeton, McKinney, Allen or any nearby city in Collin County, Texas, call our chiropractic clinic today at (972) 734-0015 for a complimentary consultation.